October 7, 2010

Tell me what would make you feel better

Tearing up the floor boards to find what’s wrong

Bound to the life inside your womb.



Oh to be born into something different

Concealed by cloth and brothers

Into tired hands you will be born.



You live and walk among us

Working for the blood that’s in your veins

Morning dew rests on your feet



Tell me what you want me to say

You could run away and hide in a cave

Or give flight to your feathers and ride the sky





Another Autumnal Mixtape

September 3, 2010

Here is a mix I made for this lovely season:

Awake (disc 1):

1. Delta Spirit – Trashcan

2. Enon – In This City

3. Colour – Conversations

4. Sleater-Kinney – Wilderness

5. Koufax – Move Out, Move On

6. The Soft Drugs – Defending the Paint

7. Dr. Dog – Old News

8. Hank III – Thrown Out Of the Bar

9. The  Night Marchers – In Dead Sleep (I Snore ZZZZ)

10. The Four Tops – It’s the Same Old Song

11. Young Cities – All For  Nothing

12. The Cave Singers – Leap

13. Old Crow Medicine Show – Tell It to Me

14. The Meters – Love is for Me

15. Otis Redding – (Sittin’ On) the Dock of the Bay


Dream (disc 2)

1. Helado Negro – Year One

2. Gliss – Morning Light

3. Avi Buffalo – Coaxed

4. Engineers – Sometimes I Realise

5. Tortoise – Prepare Your Coffin

6. Letting Up Despite Great Faults – In Steps

7. Papa M – Krusty

8. Ann Peebles – I Can’t Stop the Rain

9. Blonde Redhead – 23

10. The Clientele – Never Anyone but You

11. J. Tillman – Milk White Air

12. Low – Medicine Magazines

13. Sparklehorse – Jaykub (feat. Jason Lytle)



I wish I could dance like this guy

August 30, 2010


August 26, 2010

Through a door frame the sun seeps in, soaking the back of your body.

At the loom I sit, weaving you a scarf made of cambric.

Through each stitch the needle drowns itself in the wool.

It delights in the smell of the fabric and the feel on its cold skin.

Your father called me by phone yesterday

to tell of his daughter’s reckless wonder.

“She won’t wait for you”, he shared.

“I am content in just listening to every sound she makes” I replied

Our toes are edging the side of the building so tall.

We lick our popsicles as the parade marches by beneath us.

They march into the murky water of the bloody sea.

I don’t think I could love you any more than right now.



August 25, 2010

Are there none who live around us who know just what we are?

Like a moth changing bodies for a new and distant land.

From a dusted grey coat to a bright feathered headband.

We were dying in the night sky.

Now we fly through the sun’s warm rays.

I spread my wings for the child’s appeasement.

You tickle the cheeks of some lover’s face.

We remain voiceless about what comes next.

We’ve traded our grey existence for a colorful mask.

The completion of this beauty is an unnoticed death.

That’s the plight of the sacred, returning to the ash.


Gypsy River

August 20, 2010

Like a gypsy river you run

Without fear or clamor.

Settled to be led around

By the wind.

Knives concealed under your

Pale white tunic.

What need have you but

The wind and the rain?

Pass through my township

And view the maimed.

Only you are foolish enough

To free the silenced.

To take on the judgment

Of our orphaned souls.



August 18, 2010

The sprarkle of the blue water glimmers

as the heron conceals his fish.

Nails driven through the coffin

seal her wrinkled skin.

With my brother’s horse I

pull her to the ocean.

I pull the reigns of the tethers

as the wood drags in the sand.

My father is up above watching.

Tears trickle down his calloused skin.

Sixteen years ago he showed her how to die

with the water and with the waves.

His one task remained, to blow with the wind

and give the herons flight.

Ellen flows through the channels

to meet her Alfred’s joy.