Bury me…

February 16, 2005

I conformed into Mark and Seans propoghanda and got myself a blog. It is probably the coolest thing ever.

Well it seems like everything in life is changing right now. I am in a new band called StrikeThurman ( http://www.strikethurman.com ) It is so amazing to play with such talanted and God fearing guys. I am stoked about my future in this.

I am moving in with my buddy Nathan next week. I am excited about this because I am going to have a lot more room, and eventually we are going to have his entire house to ourselves. His parents are possibly moving to Canada to pursue Nathan’s little brother’s hockey career.

I am in between jobs right now, I got laid off from the last job due to an aquisition. I am not really that concerned by this. I have some great leads I am working on, and I know that God has great things in store for me.

Spiritually, I am going through things both good and bad. The good things are that I am learning to take circumstances in stride and roll with the punches. However, I have felt really dry lately. I am so thirsty for Jesus, I am so ready to take the next step and really dig in, yet I get too comfortable and just sit back where I am. Like I said in the beginning of this blog, Change is in the air, God has a new season for me.

ps – I am so listening to Tupac right now…


  1. Josh, I love you, but Tupac? Either way, you rule.

  2. it came on itunes, i couldn’t help it.

  3. well if itunes likes it it must be okay to listen too AND great music

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