damn liberals…

March 4, 2005

We are having a good debate over at the Strikethurman boards. Fun stuff! I am the biggest conservative ever, yet I am trying to spark debate by displaying both sides. Some people seem so afraid of confrontation!

Anyway, the job is going great. God has really blessed me. It is a great environment and I work hard.

We officially start recording this week. I am so excited. We are also gathering the content to launch a new strikethurman.com Where I assume we will be announcing my joining the band…haha. Its funny I have played 4 shows now and we still haven’t made a public announcment. I don’t really care in all honesty.

I am going to start praying and reading over my lunch breaks. It is going to be the perfect time for me to be by myself and really dig in. There is a cafe with a patio in our office building. No one ever goes on the patio, so it will be the perfect spot. YAY.

Emo moment:

I really want to find the girl I will marry. I know God has the right person and everything, but I am getting anxious…hah I honestly just want to love and care for someone.

Ok done.



  1. Quick question; Is Jesus a Liberal or a Conservative? Do you think He is more Left or Right? Democrat or Republican?

  2. haha, I took soo long to reply to this…sorry, I don’t even know if you will get this response. But I believe Jesus was neither. I just feel many of my beliefs line up with the conservative side of things, whether they be biblical of personal reasons

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