December 19, 2005

I am becoming more and more convinced that the more I read the Bible, the less I understand. In all honesty, I am kind of comforted by that. I believe that people who think they can read the Bible without being swayed by their own agenda are kidding themselves. Think about this, there was no such thing as printing presses until the 1400s. Before that, there was maybe one bible per town. The Bible was read in communities. Someone would read aloud and afterwards, everyone would discuss what he or she just went through. In a lot of ways, I believe the Bible was meant to be read in groups, not by yourself. Almost every usage of the word “you” in the Bible is plural. Paul would write to communities and groups of people. I am not going to make this into a long rant, but I believe that the Bible was meant to be interpreted through prayer and community. There is a lot more to this, I am reading about it in the book “Velvet Elvis”. I just don’t feel like writing a novel…haha.



  1. Amazing concept. I’ve always loved reading through the Bible as a prayer instead of just reading. Somehow it always makes it more real and impactful for me.

  2. Welcome to the blogspot world. It is cooler than myspace. I do not understand what you mean when you say ‘pimp my ride.’ But I am in.
    I agree with your post, there is some interesting stuff there. I believe heavily that we as Christians don’t talk about the Bible the way that we should. Not that we don’t talk about it. But when we do we talk about our opinions about it and we do not talk about the Bible as the standard for us to live our lives and how do we need to go about it. We definitely should have a Strike Bible study. We would learn A TON! Welcome.

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