Heaven on Earth

December 28, 2005

So what is Christianity about? Is it about living a decent life then going to heaven? I really don’t think so. Christianity is about bringing heaven to earth. I realize this is kind of one of those cliché statement, but its true. If you read through the gospels, Jesus’ greatest grievance was with people who weren’t generous, who didn’t show love to people in need, people who didn’t bring heaven to earth. Christianity isn’t about finding an escape plan out of this world; it is about making it better. The Bible clearly instructs to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and help the poor. It doesn’t instruct us to give people a bunch of rules and regulations to live by. Improving our surroundings. I believe that God looks directly at how we live our lives. This kind of leads us into the grace topic. I believe that grace is viewing ourselves the way God views us. If we focus on what we have done wrong, we have missed the point. Living in grace is accepting that God has a better life for us, and making the choice to bring heaven to earth. There are plenty of times when your dead self is going to raise its ugly head, and there will be many times when you fall back into old rituals. Grace is making the conscious choice to refuse hell the right of passage into this earth.


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