January 17, 2006

So who would win in a cage match, Science or Art? In modern day, I think most people would answer that question with, “Science”. We are in an era (no matter how artistic you think you are) that worships science. With revolutionary thinking like Darwin and other philosophers, we have started viewing everything in terms of formulas and steps. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with science. God has created an immaculate universe, and I see it as an honor to be able to research it and gain more knowledge about it. I think the trouble lies when we start view God in terms of formulas and “5 steps to Christianity”. When we view things that way, we start extracting verses to further our
”hypothesis” or prove our own point. I think if you read through the Bible without this mindset, you will find a different story. From Moses to Paul, everyone communicated heart felt, poetic stories of a true relationship with God. I really think that there is an underlying language in the Bible. It is one of relationship and acceptance. To be 100% honest, I myself am still digesting all of this. I just wanted to throw out what is going on in my head currently.



  1. This is a great entry.
    One of the hardest things for me has always been grasping the fact that the ‘stories’ about Moses and others actually happened. That they actually had a close relationship / friendship with God.

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