Simply Complex

January 25, 2006

I have been struggling the last few days with simple faith vs. complex faith. The Bible talks about having faith like a child. It also speaks about digging deeper and deeper into the things of God. This has been the conflict in my mind that past week. I came to a realization, however. God isn’t looking for simple-minded believers. I think when the Bible talks about “Faith like a child”; it is about taking delight in everything. If you look at a child, their life is so amazing. A smile from their daddy, or a hug from their sibling is a huge source of happiness. I think in some ways, that’s how God wants us to view our beautifully complex relationship with Him. It is not wrong to question things, or research, I think God promotes it. I just think we need to take delight in the simple pleasures, and the basic fact that we serve such an awesome God. This is a fairly straight forward entry, I hope it is encouraging


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