Oh god do what you can to annoint my head

April 7, 2006

I woke up this morning to awful weather. It was snowing/sleeting and the roads were not good. Throughout the day, I noticed that the weather was improving, so I went on lunch. Upon returning to work, it was sunny outside, and oddly enough there was a herd of deer across the street from my office. Very beautiful.

In some ways, I think our spiritual life is like this. We go through times of sadness and weakness. But honestly, I think that making it through those times is the most rewarding/refreshing experiences. I don’t think that beauty after a storm would be as amazing without the storm itself happening.

This sounds like something I would have learned as a child in Sunday school, but I can say that I haven’t learned it in my heart yet. I am getting there though, and I really am trying to place my trust in God. I may not know the master plan, but I do know that God has a way of expressing himself that we can’t comprehend, and it’s the most beautiful thing ever.


One comment

  1. sometimes, especially if you grow up in the church, it takes years for your heart to learn the things we’ve been taught in sunday school. I’m still waiting to learn a lot, truthfully.

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