Lessons in Love

September 21, 2006

Growing up never stops does it?

Anyhoo, lately, I have felt really excited about life. I have decided that no matter what comes my way, happiness is a choice. Of course it’s a lot harder when hardship is looking you straight in the eye. The bottom line is, everyone has problems of varying degrees.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, not gotten through. I know, I know, I sound like a motivational speaker or something, but it’s true. It seems like we walk through life trying to get from one place to the next, and never really enjoy the ride. Sometimes I think walking in love means taking a step back and truly counting your blessings. Just look around for a second and gaze at all of the beauty around you. God’s way of saying He loves and cares for us. For me it serves as encouragement to press on in this trail of life.

Anyway, short but sweet. Love you all.



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