Eat Up, Drink Up

September 27, 2006

The doctors and pharmacists insist on growing up,
And as much as I hate pills and plans,
I guess I’d tend to agree.
You see we get through this life,
We eat, we sleep, we die,
But someday I’d like to look at my wife,
And say we lived without a lie.

Drink up drink up, from this bitter cup.
Eat up, eat up, and swallow it all down.
Once the taste sets in, spit it out with glee,
And realize there is more for you and for me.

When my skin is all cracked and dry,
And darkness is setting in.
I hope that each of my closest kin,
Look down on my body.
They will say:
He will rest in His peace, because he lived in His plan,
And the vultures will have rest tonight for this is sacred land.


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