January 9, 2007

All I can say if phew! It seems like the past few weeks have been a blur. My family all met up in Montana at my sister’s house for a late Christmas. It was such a relaxing week. It was so nice to just enjoy my family’s company and not adhere to any real prerogative. I had a lot of good time to gather my thoughts and come up with some realistic goals for 2007. I really think this year is going to be a pivotal year for my future. Here are my goals:

-Get in shape (I know this is generic, but I am already on my way!)

-Become financially mature. By this, I don’t mean “get rich”. I mean become more Godly with my lifestyle and my spending. I feel like I waste way too much money. I want to be a generous man, and share more with people who are in need.

-Get set in my future. I really want to dig in and start working for my ultimate career choice. Whether that is ministry, music, missions, etc.

-I want to start truly changing my attitude toward others. Sometimes, I feel so selfish. I want to start truly love and caring for my neighbors. I realize that this can only really happen with the help of God.

That is about it. We’ll see how the year turns out. I am really hoping to better myself and my environment.


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