February 20, 2007

Wow, what a nice long weekend! It was great seeing my friends Chris and Thomas. They are such awesome guys. We all got together and had a few beers on Friday night which was a blast. The night ended with Chris and I covered in sharpie marker and I had a “confederate” mustache.…haha. It’s nice to let loose every once and a while.

In other news, there is this girl named Bethany that I have liked for a few years now. I am not sure if it was my own self-esteem, or being afraid of the fact that she lives in Ohio, but I never told her. Yesterday, I finally sat down and wrote her a letter explaining my feelings. I put it in the mail box this morning, and I am super nervous about it, but I couldn’t go on any more with out telling her. Anyway, we will see what happens! Give me a prayer if you think about it! Hahahah. Pray that she wants my hot bod! (jk)

Have an awesome week.


PS – Listen to some Bonnie Prince Billy asap. He is way too good.


One comment

  1. you will always have me.

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