Analog Afternoons

March 7, 2007

I have spent the past two days setting up my new record shelf that I got from my buddy, Jon. I must say, organizing your records is the most relaxing thing ever. Yesterday, I threw some “Explosions in the Sky” on my Denon turntable, and worked on my records in bliss! I went through and moved all of my records to the new shelf and put everything in thick plastic sleeves for protection. I still need to alphabetize my collection, but that will take a little time. Anyway, here are some pics of my set up:





  1. For my bday I am getting my first personal turntable/recorder player. It has been a long time coming and I am ready to step things up! I fully appreicate the enjoyment of organizing a collection as well. Yours looks good! Any suggestions on where to get a good shelving unit?

  2. well, obviously, you can find adjustable bookshelves pretty much anywhere. It seems like the most popular storage is the “Expedite” series from Ikea. Those look super classy and are sturdy.

    What kind of turntable do you plan on buying?

  3. I am actually getting my father-in-law’s pioneer. It was his first stereo and he wants me to have it. It is going to be a great setup, and the meaning behind the gift is huge. I honestly didn’t want to take it but he wants me to have it. I think I will probably be getting his record collection as well.

  4. nice man! the older stuff is the best.

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