March 13, 2007

Here is a newsletter I just got from my sister and her family in Africa:

We are getting what we see as a “kick in the right direction!” The owners of the building we use for Light of the World Ministries in Francistown Botswana have notified us that we need to vacate the premises by the end of April as they have other plans for the building.

As you may recall, we already have our own land that we broke ground last year with Pastor and Mrs. Hagin. We have already moved the church there. The following are still in rented facility:

  • Light of the World Ministry Offices
  • Light of the World Academy (preschool, kindergarten)
  • Light of the World Bible Training Centre
  • Youth meetings, meetings, etc. are all using this facility.


We have building plans approved for a first phase that will cost about $400,000. This will take at least eight months to build. In order to move on to our new premises in time for a May 18th second semester opening we need:

ITEM: Unit Cost: Cost*

  • Six 10×40 ft. portable buildings $6000 each $36,000
  • Electric hook-up $ 1,000
  • Fence $ 1,000
  • Six Air conditioners (not just a luxury here ! ) $1000 each $ 6,000
  • Plumbing waiting for quotation
  • Electric wiring waiting for quotation
  • 40x 60 ft. Pavillion paid for!
  • Sewage connection paid for!
  • Water connection paid for!
  • Ground clearing done-needs some additional work after good rains this year

*rounded to nearest thousand

Above: portable buldings such as this

will be needed to make a timely move.

We need not less than $50,000 in the next several weeks to make an uninterrupted move, allowing the Preschool, Bible Training Center, and all other ministry activities to continue operation without disruption. (no more $800 per month rent!)

After a meeting with the school parents informing them of our move most were excited to be on our own property. One woman expressed what others may have been thinking, “Pastor, do you think it is enough time? Can we do this?” I smiled and told her, “We WILL do this!” We are looking forward to having all of our operations in one place!


We have previously mentioned our “Foot by Foot” fundraising program.

Just as we learned to walk……One Foot at a Time ….. We will build!

  • 8,000 square feet
  • $400,000 ($50,000 needed in 4 weeks)
  • One Square Foot costs $50

We are asking you to consider how many square feet you could contribute towards this project. Our church members have pledged 153 square feet, Bible School students, preschool parents and others in Francistown have also gotten involved. Kristin and I are sponsoring 100 square feet ... Madison and Anderson are each sponsoring a square foot, too!

As you may know, we stood in faith for our property through seven years of red tape to get this beautiful 11 acre property. Let’s watch God make a “quick work” of this immediate move as well as our first phase building!

Consider sending :

  • A one time gift


  • A twelve month pledge (x amount of square feet per month for the next 12 months).

Please respond by sending us an email to buckley@botsnet.bw indicating your intention and send your contributions to:

Rhema Bible Church Missions

PO BOX 50126

Tulsa, OK 74150-0126

Designated for Matt Buckley

100% of your gift goes to th Buckleys designated for this project

(Please do not send any correspondence to this address)

All gifts toward this project will be acknowledged by a plaque in a prominent place in our new building!

Please advise how you would like your contribution to be listed (eg: “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” or “Faith Family Fellowship- Friendville, Florida” etc. )

Write to us at:

Matt and Kristin Buckley

PO Box 470105

Tulsa OK 74147-0105

Leave a message for us on 918 398- 4498 ( a Vonage number that we can retrieve here)

Below: Rendition of first phase- LOTW


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