Seeking Him

March 26, 2007

Yesterday, as I sat in church, I came to the realization that I am really not happy with the situation I have put my soul in. Little by little, I have compromised and justified myself into a state I never thought I would be in. I won’t go into the specific issues that I have screwed up (I save those for my closest friends..haha), but I think it’s time to really chase after God and get back to that place I want to be. Not to beat a cliché to death, but sin really is a slippery slope.

It’s funny how easy it is to retain a “spiritual multi-personality disorder”. The church is quick to call out people as “hypocrites” when they aren’t living out their purpose in God. I confess, I used to think this way, but now I see myself in the same shoes as people I once judged. I truly think the problem stems back to lack of relationship with God himself. I spend so much time reading books and studying on Christianity that I forget to keep my actual relationship with God active. God longs for people who are thirsty to know Him, not know about Him.

Anyway, hopefully this post doesn’t seem too negative. I think on the contrary, I am extremely thankful to have a father that desires to know me and be intimate with me. I am ready to get back to that “holiness” that we are set aside for. I am ready to give hope to a dim-lit world that is starving for something only God can provide.


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  1. COME ON JOSH! Keep pushing!

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