New Guitar!

March 27, 2007

So I probably spend about 80% of my time playing the guitar on acoustic. I am just really into finger picking and alternate tunings, plus it’s super easy to just pick the acoustic and go at it. I have been playing on this beginners Taylor “Big Baby” because it was cheap and got the job done. Well, I am not a huge fan of the Taylor sound (way too tinny), so about a year ago I started researching what guitar I would get next. I came to find out that a lot of my favorite acoustic recordings were done with vintage Guild acoustics (Nick Drake, Denison Witmer, Owen, etc.). Additionally, I found that the majority of them sell for under $700, which is great for a nice sounding acoustic.

So yesterday I was looking around at Guitar Center, and noticed an old acoustic just sitting in the middle of all of these crappy Fender acoustics, so I look closer and sure enough, it’s a 1971 Guild D-25. These normally sell on Ebay for around $600 and they had it marked for $459, so I knew it was a good deal. I was able to walk out the door with the guitar and a set of Martin SP’s for $430. I am so excited to finally have a nice acoustic again! Now I just need to put a pickup in it.

I would describe the tone as very mid rangy and super loud which is precisely what I look for in acoustic guitars. It sounds great with a pick and with just your fingers. The mahogany gives the tone really nice warmth to it. I will try getting some recordings of it up.

(example of a vintage Guild D-25)


  1. Congrats on the new addition. I’m excited to hear it.

  2. congrats brother man! wish I could jam with you on my Tinny Taylor. lol.

  3. haha, your taylor and my taylor are in two completely separate worlds. Yours was one of the few that I actually really liked. Jon’s doesn’t sound half bad either.

  4. I likey. Kill me softly with wonderful tones later..

  5. Nice save Josh.

    “Uh, no no, you’re Taylor is one of the nice ones…All the others suck but yours is the good one.”

  6. haha, eat a peen mark.

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