When it comes to you, I’m lazy.

April 26, 2007

On Monday, I went into the little café next door to my office, and the snow was just pouring down. It was really surreal, because the snow was dumping down, but none of it was sticking. It felt chaotic to me and invigorating.

It seems like life has really slowed down this week, which I am elated about. Last night, I watched the Nuggets play like ass and lose! Then I went home, folded my laundry, and watched the Danielson documentary: Danielson: A Family Movie. I was extremely impressed by this film. It goes through their entire career and really involves the viewer in the story. They are such an inspirational family. They make some of the most obscure sounding music ever, yet their hearts and attitudes are completely sincere and simple. They honestly just want to honor God with their music, and this is the sound that comes from them. I find that to be super interesting and beautiful.

This weekend is going to be quite busy! On Saturday, I am going to watch the Nuggets stomp the Spurs at the Pepsi Center. I am especially excited about this because it’s the first time I have ever gone to a playoff game. Directly after the game, I am going to walk across the street and watch Bright Eyes at the Buell Theatre. I am anticipating this show quite a bit. I really love his new album, Cassadaga.

PS – Last night I started writing some acoustic music for fun. I have been using a 1970’s tape recorder from Montgomery Wards. It sounds like total garbage, but it kind of has warmth to it. Regardless of sound quality, it’s really convenient for getting my ideas down.


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