Top 5 Vehicular Music Annoyances

May 2, 2007

Okay, so I was reading over Sean Brage’s blog, and I got inspired to list my top 5 musical annoyances when it comes to listening in the car. (I was probably guilty of these at some point)

1. Constant song switching. Most of the girls I know are guilty of this. They listen to 15 seconds of a song, then switch it. I literally want to end it all when this reoccurs. (This is one I am mildly guilty of, but pretty much only when I drive in the car with Jonas and Mark)

2. Playing any form of hardcore after a loud show. The scenario: We just get done seeing Converge play at 140 decibels for 2 hours, I get in the car, and my buddy throws on Municipal Waste with the volume cranked. When this happens, I feel like putting my appendages in a wood chipper and sawing my ears off. After shows, it’s either mellow music or nothing.

3. When people feel awkward by just listening to music in the car. If I am familiar with you, and comfortable, I don’t feel the need to fill the air with words. I hate it when the music is constantly being turned down just to say some asinine thing that doesn’t matter. Sometimes, it’s best to just stay silent.

4. I am pretty good about appreciating other people’s taste in music. I will admit that sometimes I get annoyed when I have to listen to certain bands for a long trip. I would list bands that fall into this category, but I think the list might be longer than the bible.

5. Over-controlling car DJs. I realize with this entry, I probably seem like a music nazi in my car, but I am not. I usually let my passenger choose the soundtrack for our journey. However, I H-A-T-E it when people are over-zealous with their DJ responsibilities. If you are in my car don’t assume that everyone wants to listen to what you do. I will totally sit on your face a use it as toilet paper if this continues.

The end.



  1. –“(This is one I am mildly guilty of, but pretty much only when I drive in the car with Jonas and Mark)”


    –“Over-controlling car DJs”

    Dude, maybe not in your own car but you are the ultimate music nazi in everyone else’s car.

  2. BS!

  3. I just remember poor Justus on the way to CO Springs.

    “Can I pick a song.”


    I think you gave him 15 seconds of his pick before you took over.

  4. I will literally kill you all

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