Be my memory

June 19, 2007

I need to apologize for slacking on my blog the past few weeks. A lot has changed and I am excited to write about it!

First off, I have started a new job with Dex Media as a sales rep in advertising. It is a really good opportunity for me to make some money and possibly start a career. I still plan on pursuing missions work and ministry, but I think this experience is going to aid me in all of that.

As a result of the new job, I am in Seattle, WA for training. The total training program is 7 weeks! I am here on the initial training for 3 weeks, and then I go home for the week of July 4th. After that break, I come back to Seattle for another 3 weeks to do “Field Sales Training”. It is pretty hard being away from home for this long, but I think it’s good for me to hit the ground running!

This break has given me a great opportunity to get away and gain some focus. I have quit smoking (I was starting to get dangerously close to addiction), I have been reading the bible and books on theology every day. I feel like I am gaining some drive and momentum towards the person I truly want to be. I think this job is going to put me in a good financial position to hit the mission field (i.e. Music, overseas, other churches, etc.)

I have been reading this book called “Irresistible Revolution”. It has really opened my eyes to missional living and simplicity. I would highly recommend it. I will forewarn you, it is pretty liberal oriented, so if you are conservative you might need to ignore some comments.

I will try to be more consistent in blogging! I suck at life haha.

Ps. How sick is my new bike!? (see entry below) My buddy John helped me get it all restored. It’s a 1966 Raleigh, it still has the original headlight and it works! (via generator on the front wheel)



  1. Dude, I miss you.

    Today, on the way to Telluride, I had to make Judi act dumb with me and make wierd faces / sounds.

  2. I’m glad to have you blogging again. I love your self. Where’d you get the bike?

  3. josh – good to have you back from the North West. How about a Starbucks on Yosemite – name the time & date. dm / gen next

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