Eat Your Heart Out, Paris

August 6, 2007

As I was lying in bed last night, I was tossing and turning. My thoughts were racing through my head like a chase scene in James Bond. The feeling of discontent was sinking and sinking in my skin. I think the time has finally come to “detoxify” myself in the spiritual, relational, and physical sense. I feel like I constantly stuff my self with the un-needed. Like a Thanksgiving turkey, I’m bursting at the seems with no direction. I feel like in many ways, I have lost sight of my goals, so it’s time to strip back and gain focus.



  1. What’s this about stripping? Why the need? Perhaps I shall write you a myspace comment. A-hooo! But stripping could be okay; just remember not to do it on a first date in a stranger’s bed. My only advice.

  2. like grape up here, all I read in your post is that you would be stripping. when and where and how much are tickets?

    seriously though, I hear you! we are the ultimate consumers. it is obnoxious and unhealthy

  3. I will performing at “Pt’s” on Saturday, $5 entry fee

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