September 12, 2007

Block by block, drain by drain, light by light. I walk these streets gazing at the fake empires built by the rich as the hungry camp at their footsteps. I am looking for an omen as to what’s next but sometimes that seems bleak. I want to thirst for righteousness, yet my appetite is satisfied by refuse. “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God” – this sentence becomes more and more true daily. I want a pure heart that finds rest and solace in the simple pleasures of our Adonai. I will not find an eternal pleasure in the concrete and paper of this world. Our creator resides in the same purity that exists in that man with the dirty shirt, wondering when his next meal will be.

(I have been writing a lot of random thoughts like this just off the top of my head, hopefully you subscribers don’t mind.)


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