October 4, 2007

I added a new url to my links section, Runaway Planet: Abortion.

Sorry to those of you who disagree with me, but I think abortion is wrong. I realize with a lot of the “educated community” that seems to make me inferior or something. Anyway, it’s a really informative blog, and I figured others might enjoy it.

Thanks to Timothy at the anathallo boards for the link.




  1. Josh,

    Great link, thanks. No need to be apologetic, you are standing up for the innocent unborn child. Of course there are those who disagree, screw them and the death sentences they impose.


  2. yea, I am not apologizing for my beliefs, just trying to make a little padding for those who think differently than I do…haha.

  3. Thanks for removing the link from your favorites. Now that I have your mix ready, I will write you about my LJ freakout abou this entry. I really love you, Josh, but this entry hurt me a lot.

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