Everybody Says I’m Mexican.

October 29, 2007

Do actions by another person define relationship status? I have friends that I consider close, but then they do things to themselves that make it hard for me to engage in that relationship. My feelings towards that person are still the same, but I feel like it’s impossible for me to support them, thus distancing me. I don’t really feel like getting into specifics, but I am sad at the fact that I can foresee some of my closest friendships coming to an end, and there is nothing I can do about it. Has anyone else ever gone through situations like this? Thoughts/Suggestions?

Sorry for the negative post, just getting my thoughts down.


  1. It’s been a strange year for relationships. For the first time I had to cut one off. Up until I said the words “please don’t ever call me again” I took pride in the fact that I was a loyal friend, never giving up on anyone, and always expecting the best from them. But things had grown too hard with this guy. It was wrecking me emotionally which was causing me to be stressed out and harsh toward all my other friends.
    On the flip side, one friend who cut me off last year has come back and now our relationship is healthier and stronger than ever.

    Follow God. Love all. Eat well.

  2. I’m no stranger to cutting a friend out of my life because they had become a very bad influence and live a lifestyle contrary to what I believe.

    There are things to weigh but you must ultimately do what is best for your life and walk.

    I do believe that as a good friend who cares about this person it’s almost your duty to confront him about his lifestyle and give him a chance to change and help him do so if he is willing.

    There is a fine line that a Christian must walk in order to stay pure and non-judgmental at the same time.

  3. It may not be EXACTLY the same situation, but I have had to do this with someone before. It was strange and painful…confusing.

    I remember I wrote a post about it, too.

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