November 20, 2007

Wow, 3 posts in 2 days! I am on a blog-roll!

Found this quote courtesy of Ms. Melissa Miles. Kind of interesting.

Kevin Barnes (from of Montreal):
“The thing is, I like capitalism. I think it’s an interesting challenge. It’s a system that rewards the imaginative and ambitious adults and punishes the lazy adults. Our generation is insanely lazy. We’re just as smart as our parents but we are overwhelmed by contradicting ideas that confuse us into paralysis. Maybe the punk rock ethos made sense for the “no future” generation but it doesn’t make sense for me. I like producing and purchasing things. I’d much rather go to IKEA than to stand in some bread line. That’s because I don’t have to stand in a bread line. Most people who throw around terms like “sellout” don’t have to stand in one either. They don’t have to stand in one because they are gainfully employed. The term “sellout” only exists in the lexicon of the over-privileged. Almost every non-homeless person in America is over-privileged, at least in a global sense. “



  1. Good quote. I disagree with us being lazy. I agree that sometimes we are overstimulated to paralysis – that is a very good observation. Capitalism is the best economic system.

  2. Hosh, you may not be a lazy individual but are you sure you disagree with the statement about our laziness as a culture?


    Check paragraph five. I think this directly relates to our laziness as a society. We don’t want to have to work hard for something. We want what we want and we want it now. Why would I cook something from scratch in the oven for several hours when I can just microwave a meal in 3 minutes?

    That’s why there are people who oppose “hard-core” Christianity, because it takes work to reap the true rewards of it.

    Will I ultimately get fed if I microwave my meal? Yes. Will it be as fulfilling and nourishing as a home cooked meal? Probably not.

  3. It’s making more and more sense to me as I grow older.

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