Open wide my door, My Lord, My Lord.

November 20, 2007

Sometimes I fear that I hold things back in my blog because I realize other people read it. The whole reason I started blogging was to have an online journal where I could let my thoughts out and look back on them. Now I have all these different friends with different viewpoints and I fear offending all of them. I am going to stop caring about that. Whether what I write if wrong or right, I have to be honest with what I am feeling at that moment.

I have started reading Acts on the light rail on my way to/from work. I feel so full of love this morning. To paraphrase one of the verses I read this morning, “You crucified me, and I offered forgiveness”. In the church, we always talk about forgiveness in the sense of forgiving others, which is extremely powerful. However, I think God calls us to remember daily that we are forgiven for our own transgressions, and that there is liberty in that. We need to walk this earth freely, and not feel like we are constantly paying off some sort of debt. It seems like a lot of critics look at Christianity like this condemning religion where you are made to feel bad about everything you do. I feel the opposite. Christianity is freedom. It’s coming to the enlightenment that you are loved and forgiven, therefore you can be free to love and forgive others. There are no preset expectations, just love. I sound like such a hippy right now, but I can’t contain the feeling in me. These basic truths are so hard for me to comprehend sometimes, so when I feel it in my heart, I get real excited.

Anyway, love ya all.




  1. I’ve always held that those who don’t accept their own forgiveness always struggle in forgiving others.

  2. The hippies were right about a lot more than history gives them credit for.

    I like hippies, and those who sound like hippies.

    Happy thanksgiving!

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