I am weak in this need for you…

November 29, 2007

“Come to me, come to me all you sick and weary”
“Come to me, come to me and I will make you whole”

There’s a place that is brighter than the sun, and deeper than the darkest sea. Where the fields roll into the west and my mind can feel some rest. I am so weak in this need for You. My heart is green, fertile with life and ready for autumn’s harvest.

Rot away, oh fence posts of my past. The sand that the wind moves will wear you down. Seeing you go is hard, the barbs wrapped around your width are exposed. Rusting metal has its hold on something that no longer contains me.

Send me out into the rain my Lord. Pour out the globes of water onto my brow. Let the remnants run through my beard, onto my chest and to my feet. Cleanse the very ground I stand on so that flowers may bloom and fields grow.



  1. Hey, thanks for being so willing to help in whatever capacity possible this weekend. It was awesome spending such an intense weekend of seeking God with you.

  2. no doubt man, it was a great weekend! It didn’t end up being awkward at all, and I felt like I got to know people better.

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