Best of 2007!

December 4, 2007

Ok, I went through my ipod and figured out which 2007 releases got the most playtime this year, enjoy!

Radiohead – In Rainbows
Travis – The Boy With No Name
Jimmy Eat World – Chase this Light
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Baby 81
Explosions in the Sky – All the Sudden, I Miss Everyone
Wilco – Sky, Blue Sky
Rocky Votolato – The Bragg & Cuss
Iron & Wine – the Shepherd’s Dog
Bruce Springsteen – Devils & Dust
Caspian – The Four Trees
Ryan Adams – Easy Tiger
Nick Drake – Family Tree
Earth – Hibernaculum
Foo Fighters – Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
God is an Astronaut – Far From Refuge
Jade Day – Of Waking…
Jeremy Enigk – The Missing Link
Matt Pond PA – Last Light
The National – Boxer
Pinback – Autumn of the Seraphs
Pissed Jeans – Hope for Men
Rosie Thomas – These Friends of Mine
Sigur Ros – Heim/Hvarf
The Six Parts Seven – Casually Smashed to Pieces
The smashing Pumpkins – Zeitegeist
Stars – In Our Bedroom, After the War
This Will Destroy You – s/t
The Weakerthans – Reunion Tour
Wolves in the Throne Room – Two Hunters
Youth Group – Casino Twilight Dogs
Zozobra – Harmonic Tremors
65daysofstatic – Destruction of Small Ideas



  1. i like the list…good call on the radiohead, travis, bruce springsteen (duh), foo fighters and matt pond PA picks…i can’t imagine what my iPod would look like without this stuff…i especially liked the song Taught to Look Away from Last Light…great song

  2. Turtle:

    I agree with you about the Matt Pond PA Last Light album, it is really good. My favorite track was Foreign Bedroom.

    On the original list, I have to agree with Radiohead, Travis, Jimmy Eat World, the boss (Bruce Springsteen for anyone who doesn’t know), obviously Matt Pond PA, and the Foo Fighters. I also liked the Smashing Pumpkins album, but it makes me long for old SP, you know?

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