January 23, 2008

I wrote this poem/song about Russia, and for some reason it came out really negative. Anyway, I still kind of like it, and have some ideas for melodies and such:

The sun’s going down on a football field,
The kiosk will show it’s back to the moon.
All night there will be a beautiful lady,
Selling some gum and some booze.
With her pale white skin,
She smoke once again,
And let the embers burn down to her lips

There’s peace on the streets tonight,
The kids huffing gas will be alright,
I know times are tough,
And this world seems rough,
But everything will be complete

All the smoke billows up in this 4 by 4 room,
Up through the air to the trolley bus lines,
At home there’s a hopeless man,
With some gum in his pocket, and booze in his hand.
With his cracked, dry skin,
He’ll die once again,
And follow the ghost of his wife.


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