The Lady Will Have Something of Equal or Lesser Value

February 22, 2008

How is it that Chipotle is capable of making you so happy or so sad? It really is the best value in the modern day restaurant industry. You get a burrito filled with Grade-A products, excellent hot sauce and it’s the size of a small baby. The endorphins pump through my head like a little boy who got his hands on a B.B Gun when I eat it.

That said, when you get a bad burrito, it feels like you have just been shot. Today was free-burrito day for Dex employees. It was a promotion our local Chipotle was doing for us to improve their customer base. I decided to be a nice guy and grab a burrito for one of our receptionists since he wasn’t able to leave. Now, I am going to go over what I normally get, and what he ordered.

My typical burrito:
-Hot Sauce
-Green Chile
-Sour Cream
-No Beans

My co-worker’s burrito:
-Black Beans
-Sour Cream

Obviously, my burrito is the superior product. However, the employee accidentally mislabeled our burritos. So as I bit into that hunk of Mexican glory, I was disappointed to taste the blandest piece of nothingness ever. It was awful. Now don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the free burrito, and I will continue patronizing Chipotle. I just wanted to point out how much of a let-down it is to get not get your order.

I would marry Chipotle if it was a hot-lady.



  1. – Steak
    – No beans
    – Tomatillo salsa
    – Cheese
    – Sour cream

  2. mmmm….yum….Chipotle. Let’s eat that today…

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