There’s No Point Trying to Fight it

March 18, 2008

Last night Brandon and I took his co-worker friend, Paola, out around Denver. Paola is from Mexico and is just visiting here this week for some work training. It was really fun to walk around downtown and look at your city from a visitor’s standpoint. I drive by some of these landmarks everyday and don’t even give them two thoughts. We really do live in a beautiful city. I also decided that I need to marry a foreign girl because their accents are so damn cute! Paola was trying to say that our pizza is “better” here in America, but it came out as “Bear pizza in America”. We gracefully informed her that we do not serve bear meat on pizzas here (lol).

I think I drank too much coffee, because on the ride from dropping off Paola,  I puked…haha. I don’t even know why, my stomach just felt gnarly, so I asked Brandon to pull over and got sick on someone’s lawn. It was pretty classy. The good news is, I felt like a million bucks after all that coffee was out of my stomach.

Today was my first day back at riding my bike to work. It felt good, and I arrived to the office with a lot of energy. On the light-rail, I continued reading On The Road. Reading it made me want to pop my thumb out and hitchhike to San Francisco.

Sidenote: The new Ours album is released today. Do yourself a favor and pick it up. It is really incredible.



  1. I love the feeling you get right after you throw up – it’s such a feeling of relief and you instantly feel better…It’s not like a cold where you take medicine and feel better for a short time. Throwing up provides lasting relief.

  2. insant relief!


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