March 27, 2008

Last night was my first experience at Casabonita. I have lived in Denver for 6 years now, and never had the pleasure of partaking in this fine establishment. If you have never been, let me list some of the things you are missing out on:

-Cave Divers in Corona shorts
-Cheese enchiladas that are $12, but taste like the Ebola virus
-Instant diarrhea
-Exploring the caverns
-Some random girl trying to sell me an energy drink from her car as we left
-Awesome trinkets in the gift shop
-Being corrected by the Police officer for “exploring” a little too much…hah
-Getting the feeling that every single employee there sleeps with every other employee on top of the food you are eating, and then makes fun of you as you ingest.
-Flattened pennies

I hope after reading that, you are jealous and want to uncover the many mysteries of Casabonita!



  1. YES! I’m soooo jealous! I’ve always wanted to go and experience the crazy goodness/AIDS of Casa Bonita…mebe mark will take me on a date there

  2. sick

  3. it would definitely be a classy place for a date

  4. now that youve been, how d you think paola would have reacted had we taken her there?

  5. exploring the caves, or each other?

  6. haha, paola would have been so lost.

    sean – both.

  7. yea, velveeta in mexican food IS NOT God’s will. and instant diarrhea is only worth it if the food is good, like incredibly awesome and spicy wings. other than that, you’ve only done your stomach a great disservice.

  8. This was a story of stories.

  9. I have lived in Colorado my whole life and never have I even wanted to go to CasaBonita…I hear I’m missing out on sooooo much. 😉

  10. You are missing out on a world of treasures and mysteries, my friend.

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