Bad Day

April 4, 2008

So last night I went to the Emergency Room on 18th and Gilpin. Weird. I have never had a medical emergency in my life where I didn’t just wait for a doctor’s appointment (ok, ok, except for when I lost my finger).

I have had a stomachache all week, which I have been able to deal with just fine. Well last night around 7:30pm, I start getting these cramps below my stomach in my intestine area. They were horrible. I can honestly say I have never felt anything like that before. It was like someone had a knife in my abdomen and was twisting it around. Being the stubborn male that I am, I thought, “Ok, it will pass, just ride it out”. I laid on my couch another 15 minutes then ran to the bathroom and had a bowel movement, and realized it was full of blood (sorry for being graphic). That was my queue to head right on over to the hospital.

I won’t bore you with all the details, but I am fine. After numerous tests it turns out my intestines were just inflamed and causing the sharp pains. The blood was actually a result of taking too much peptol bismal and wasn’t actually blood. All is well, and I already feel much better today. I have some medicine and have to adhere to a specific “bland” diet for the next couple of days.

All is well.


  1. JOSH! I wish you would have called us. I’m praying for you today. Let me know if you need anything.

  2. Thanks Judi! I would have called, but it was in the middle of practice for you guys, and I was able to get myself there. Dave came later on.

  3. i’m praying for you! i’m glad you’re feeling better. let us know if you need anything as well.

  4. do you know how your intestines got enflamed?
    What’s a BLAND diet? I can easily see how you just wanted to let it pass, but when a knifelike pain is there… geeze.

  5. I’ve had a little stomach flu all week, I think they were inflamed from that. Yea it was no fun, but it’s all good now and the pain hasn’t returned.

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