New Tattoo!

April 7, 2008

I got this done from Colin over at Faith Tattoo. Go see him if you want some work done!



  1. WOW! When did you get that? it looks awesome. i can’t tell where it is on your arm from the picture

  2. It’s underneath my old tattoo. Lower bicept and going onto my forearm a bit.

    I got it on Saturday at Colin’s new shop. It is seriously so nice up there!

  3. Cool! Let’s start brainstorming about my next tat.

  4. That really is an amazing tattoo. I’m glad to see some nice art work for once. I have been seeing way too many mediocre tattoos as of late. Don’t these people know it is going to be there for LIFE? Glad to see you put some thought into it and have a great artist to go to. Is it a Christian place?

  5. Thanks, Kate! I really like it as well. I personally think the visual aspect of a tattoo is equally if not more important than the meaning behind it. Tattoos=Art in my opinion, so if the artwork is inferior, then it’s kind of a lost cause. I want to hang with you and your hubby again soon and nerd our musically…haha

  6. oh, ps – Yes, the owner and I think most of the staff at Faith are Christians.

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