You’re the Magic of my Mind

April 8, 2008

I have been thinking a lot lately about “stock”. Not in the financial sense of the word, but more so in my life. What do I take stock in? What do others invest their time/energy in? Are our differences celebrated or rivaled over?


It seems like in life, a lot of times we discount other people’s stock, because it’s invested in something we don’t find valuable. For instance, I have friends who are very concerned by “Animal Rights”. For me personally, I find other issues to be more pressing and choose to not put any time or thought into it. Does that mean that veganism/animal rights are wrong? Not necessarily, it’s just not where I choose to spend my energy. It seems like we spend so much time trying to get people to hop on our own agendas that we forget that what they are concerned with might be just as valuable.


If we spent more time seeking understanding of each other rather than try to tell people where they need to be “investing”, I think the world would be a better place.


Food for thought.


  1. blogrolled!

    I really like this post. It gives us all a common denominator…to become more invested in each other.

    The rest falls into place when you seek first to love the person.

  2. excellent point.

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