Microwaved Christianity

April 11, 2008

I was just reading through my blog roll and read Teresa’s entry about weight loss and healthy living. She mentioned how we as humans naturally just want a miracle cure to our problems. “Take this pill and lose weight now”. The majority of the time this doesn’t work. We need to put in some sweat and discipline.


Do you think this transfers over to our spiritual life? It seems like too often we are looking for “5 steps to solve my such and such problem”, when in reality we need to put in the work of seeking healing and changing our mindset. Pastor Ben talked on Wednesday night about being spiritually fat. In my mind, we are in a spiritually fat place when we are looking for the easy way out of everything. Life is a process and sometimes you just have to go through things to learn.


That said, there are definitely times in life where I have needed a miracle. I am grateful to say that God is faithful and desires for us to live this life to our fullest potential. He comes through, even though it’s not always how we expect it. I don’t care who you are, young, old, man, woman, short, tall, there is hope for you. I feel like I come in contact with too many people who feel hopeless. What an awful thing to carry around on your back. Let love in.


(sorry for the cheesyness)



Anyway, love ya.




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