Converge 4/13/2008

April 14, 2008

There was drool sliding off his chin onto his tattooed neck as he said “I don’t have much to say tonight, guys. There is a bone poking through my hand, I have vomited three times today and I really just don’t give a care”.  The band proceeded to play one of the most energetic and intense sets I have ever seen. This is why hardcore-punk won’t be dying in the near future. There are bands like Converge that just simply want it too much. For the past 18 years, Converge has been giving themselves to their art. They set up their own gear, they make their own artwork, and they record their own albums. They prescribe to the “Do it Yourself” self-sustaining ethic. They definitely deserve every ounce of respect that they get.




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  1. gig review from friday:

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