April 15, 2008

The warmth is slowly creeping into the Denver air. It was nearly sixty degrees as I biked into work this morning. Beautiful is the generic word I would use to describe the current state of things outside. There is freshness in the atmosphere that only spring can bring. I sat there on the RTD with the morning sun beaming in through the smudged windows, filling my notebook with words and thoughts.


I reminisced about being back in Vladimir, a twelve year old boy watching the broad-shouldered Russian men smoke their filterless cigarettes. They would blow the smoke above the crowd’s heads like little arrows of toxic gas. They were so statuesque in their erect posture. Time and hardship had weathered their faces well.


The sound of an automated voice over the loudspeaker promptly interrupted my thought. It bellowed out the words, “This is the Nine-mile Station, our final destination”. I gathered my things and slung my bike of welded steel and chromoly onto my shoulder. I pedaled my way out of the station, weaving between the bodies that were solemnly making their trek to their workplaces. As I huffed my way to work, the air filled my body with the nutrients it needed to complete the journey. I locked my bike up to the matte finished bike rack, and here I sit.



  1. What a poetic journey you had this morning. When others may have seen it as mundane and predictable, you choose to see the beauty. I will try to do the same with my day. Love you lots Josh!

  2. Thanks Judi!

  3. Well written, sir.

  4. awesome! this is what spring turning into summer does to me too. makes me pensive and quietly happy.

  5. I responded to your comment about the Pastor Pat Mahoney post… it explains it a little better now. 🙂

  6. I really enjoyed this post. And it’s good exercise. I wish the warm weather evoked such drive and passion from me.

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