April 16, 2008

-Mis-use of the word “seen”. “I seen ‘em coming and I hid”. Who are you? A 1830’s Ozark Mountain-man? Speak like an adult.


-Girls who say that they don’t get along with other girls. I get the impression that some of you ladies think this is what we men want to hear. Maybe you think it makes more of a bond between you and cute boys. This is entirely not true. When I hear a girl say that, I automatically assume she is fairly socially inept and is going to be chatting it up with every other guy. Not my cup of tea.


-Feet. Ok this is more of a personal annoyance, but still, not a big fan of feet. Keep them away! (Mark and Jonas like to torment me on this, haha)


Ok, those are my three annoyances of the day.


On the bright side: I got to talk to a cutie patootie at the climbing gym last night.


PS: I changed the time zone on my blog, so the post I made about my sister’s ministry got put below the other one. Please check out their blog and support!


  1. #2 for sure is one of the most annoying things EVER!

  2. For a long time I didn’t get along well with chicks. Vastly different priorities was the main culprit. About 5 years ago things evened out. Not sure what changed, exactly.

  3. booyah. I love you. #2 drives me up the wall. It’s like saying, “I’ll be hanging out with guys only the entire time we’re together.” Wow, what a turn-on.

  4. actually, i’ve said #2. but it’s because i really do get along with guys better than girls. the product of having two bros and no sisters. but it has gotten better as i’ve gotten older and see more of a need of gals in my life.

  5. I forgive you, teresa, hahaha

  6. i’m a tomboy and i wear that badge proud!!!

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