Describe Josh in One Word: Beard.

April 17, 2008

I have to say, the highlight of my evening last night was talking to Kate about helping her husband grow a thicker beard. Mark and I are going to lay beards on him.





  1. I told dustin about this, he said he wasn’t so sure about having your greasy beards touching his face. 🙂 He then proceeded to explain to me how he could grow a thick beard, in same parts, just not in others and how he chooses to trim it. I don’t believe him. I have never seen this beard. wishful thinking…

  2. Let me differ:
    Beard or bald, ‘Josh’ is not in it. Josh is what you are ‘inside’. And your ‘inside’ is your real ‘outside’. Josh mei raho!

  3. Mark and I can shower beforehand if it helps.

  4. i disgaree sulo, your beard is more important than anything.


  5. Agreed, Josh. Beard is the window into a man’s soul.

    Now, about that shower…

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