Great Weekend Awaits Me

April 18, 2008

Here I sit at my desk, waiting patiently for the day to pass. At 4:50pm, I will get up, gather my things and walk over to the RTD “Park N’ Ride”. From there, I will hop on the Skyride and let its wheels roll me to the Denver International Airport. My arrival time into Kansas City is 10:40pm. Branson is a healthy distance away, but I have burned a few cd’s to keep my mind occupied in the rental car.


I really can’t wait to hug my niece, nephew and the rest of my family. You want to know why my nephew is probably one of the coolest nephews ever? His name is Chopper! That’s right, Chopper! He is destined to be the manliest man in the history of the Earth.


Here is a pic of my niece and I last fall:



  1. ah, Branson, MO, the vacation capital! have a wonderful time with family!! i imagine that ur the cool uncle that the nieces and nephews get so excited to see.

  2. You have to love Branson! I mean it, as many times as I have been there in my life you have to love Branson. Might have to post on that someday. Travel safe and enjoy!

  3. Have a good time…your niece is absolutely beautiful!

  4. yea, branson is so annoying, yet fun all at once. It’s where my brother lives, so I don’t even know if we’ll be doing the tourist stuff.

  5. Enjoy man!

  6. have a good weekend, babycakes!

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