A for Abstinence

April 21, 2008

I have some friends at work that I take the majority of my breaks with. They are all really nice people, and I enjoy them. From time to time, as with any social situation, people discuss their sex-life. I usually just stay quiet or make some kind of random joke. Today, I confessed to them that I was a virgin and I plan on giving my virginity to my wife. I decided I was being stupid for thinking it was something to be ashamed of. My buddy at work said something about me being a player, and I retorted with “Well, actually, funny fact about me, I am saving myself until marriage”. I was pleasantly surprised by the response. They both stated how amazing that was and how they totally respect that. One said it’s one of his biggest regrets and that it’s something he knows he could never give back. I think it’s encouraging to people when you bare-yourself to them. It may not be fun, but it adds reality and foundation to friendships. Obviously, I probably wouldn’t discuss my sexual history (or lack thereof) with someone I am not that close to, but even then, don’t ever be ashamed of who you are.


  1. That is really cool that you are saving your self till marriage. I work in for an organization which teaches abstinence education. It is amazing what it can do as far as strengthening your future relationships.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Joey! I think we tend to make into a bigger deal than it really is. The vast majority of people don’t care, and if they do care, it’s more than likely a personal insecurity they have.

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