Real American Hero

April 22, 2008

What were your favorite passtimes as a kid?


First and foremost, G.I. Joes. They consumed about half of my time. Between staging battles, rappelling down couches and full on hand to hand combat, I was lost in the toys.



Secondly was football in the backyard. If I played with my neighborhood friends, everything was cool, I was the “mac daddy” as Kris Kross would say. When my brothers would play, it was another story. They would completely kick my booty, yet I always came back for more. One of those anomalies of nature I suppose.


Lastly, I used to go to my best friend Joe’s farm and explore. In retrospect, these are some of my fondest memories. We built a fort out of an old abandoned combine. It was called the “Johnny Appleseed Fort”. We would also go up in the barn and shoot pigeons with our pellet gun. Occasionally his dad would put us to work, but even that felt so much better than being stuck in the confines of the suburbs.



Anyway, what filled your time as a kid?



One comment

  1. Eating sandwiches…and having locust wars!

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