April 23, 2008

Last night was a fun little blogger-nerd party. We levitated runts, drank IBC cream soda and snorted 4 8-balls of coke (ok, that last one was a lie.). Never-the-less, it was a grand event that is note-worthy. Those in attendance were:









Dear Dustin,


            Do you notice how your name is un-clickable? Does this bother you? On every other name, I can click my mouse and it takes me into their own interesting little world. It saddens me that I can’t click on you and see a painting you are working on or find out what book you are currently enjoying. Perhaps next time Mark and I see you, we can lay beards on you and pray for the blogging bug to hit you as well.


Best Regards,


J. Mickelson the 1st.


PS – I don’t know how I feel about laying moustache on you.


PPS – I am okay with it if it really would help.



  1. I had so much fun last night! Now I know…you don’t like onions – pickles, but not onions.

  2. No onions? How can anyone not like onions? They’re shiny little layered packages of variable culinary gold!

    This makes be doubt your american citizenship.

    Next you’ll be telling me you don’t like garlic.

  3. I am working on my taste for onions. I have been leaving them on sandwiches and actually enjoying them. I am happy with my placement of onions in that game.

  4. I fancy little personal discovery I found out about onions: I wear contacts and when I cut onions with my contacts on, I don’t cry. I am strong and unemotional with my contacts on. P.S. I don’t like raw onions. They’re hideous creatures from the underworld.

  5. I’m sad to have missed this first AF meeting, but sadder to find Dustin still blogless.

  6. and moustacheless

  7. Last night was awesome… Even if you do think that I like unicorns. 😉

  8. If you aren’t for unicorns, then you are a terrorist. FACT!

  9. The fact that you think less of him/judge him based on his blog status is simply RETARDED! Being a blog snob isn’t being a good blogger advocate, FACT.

  10. i cook with onions but will not eat them. blech!!! however, i am a big fan of pickles. i’m so sad that i missed this night!

  11. Jonas, I will judge all I want. hah

  12. Lets try to set a new record for the number of comments on one of your entries, Josh. I am hoping your technorati goes through the effin roooooooooooooof!

  13. Judgment is the cornerstone of Americanism. We’re better and we know it.

  14. “Judgment is the cornerstone of Americanism. We’re better and we know it.”

    Well said Markie Free!!!! This November should we base our vote on who the best blogger is?


    My authority level is still only at 11, I’m a noob.

    I need to start leaking music on my blog. haha.

  16. YA! Blogger-nerd party was a hit! We will all do it again soon.
    Can anyone pronounce “cinco de mayo”?
    And BTW, Josh, mustaches do not “necessary both genders”.

  17. Lunch was good, I had onions and pickles.

  18. kate, during cinco de moustache all people must have a moustache, even if it’s drawn on. I didn’t make the rules, I just live by them

  19. Dont be coy… You helped make those rules as a founding father of Cinco De Moustache.

  20. Thomas made up the rules with his friends in southern california before he moved out here. TRUMPT NOOB!

  21. I always thought of Thomas as an extension of you….

  22. He is half-asian, that is impossible

  23. “He is half-asian, that is impossible”

    Oh rrrrly? I beg to differ, talk to your mom..

  24. note to jonas: “Your Mom” jokes died with 1996.

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