The Yuppy District

April 29, 2008

As Brandon, Chris and I sat on the street bench and ate our creamy, savory gelato, we came to an important revelation: The block between 14th and 15th on Larimer St. is the “yuppy” district of downtown. It’s like all of the suburbanites came into a Denver planning meeting and demanded a block for themselves. The stores in “Yuppy District” consist of a doggy supply store, a Starbucks, a couple swank restaurants and a gelato café. You will never see a man that smells like a tuna-melt asking you for change on this block. There is a canopy of white Christmas lights shielding all of the good Christian people from harm. All of the 40-somethings stroll casually with their blazer jackets hugging their backs. You hear conversations about how shady it can be walking downtown, when in reality all of Lower Downtown is pretty much populated by people like themselves. Wives ask their husbands, “Are you sure you locked the car?” “Grab little Timmy’s hand!” etc. etc.

Next time you are downtown keep your eyes peeled for Yuppy District!



  1. i hung out in the yuppy district back in highschool. it was less yuppy back then. that was before the days of lodo.

  2. lodo is kind of a trash hole. People come downtown and treat the city like crap. I suppose it brings in a lot of money for Denver though.

  3. My knees get wobbly when I’m down there. I’m no Yup and those that are can’t smell a fake from miles away.

  4. I kind of like the yuppy district. After all, who wants to get shanked on a nice night out? I’m not keen on getting blood or homeless person all over my new Banana Republic argyle sweater. But seriously.

  5. I haven’t been downtown at night in over a year. I’m just sad.

  6. I dont go downtown, because i didn’t know that this place existed. now that I know, I will down there more.

  7. You are a commie.

  8. Most of downtown is the yuppy-district.

  9. yep, it’s expensive to live in LoDo.

    Capitol Hill is young yuppies who don’t have money, so they are still in hipster stage (me) haha.

  10. Hmm… Coming from someone who attends ORCC… Pot? Kettle?


  12. @ Shimmer


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