Chik-Fil a + Wii

April 30, 2008

I got a fever, and the only prescription is more Mario Kart Wii. Seriously, Mark and I sat upstairs in his loft last night, gathering coins and demolishing some dude from Japan (online play). More than ever, I want (need) a Wii. If you haven’t played the new Mario Kart, it will change your life and make you believe in love again. I am a little disappointed that Judi didn’t come up and play a few rounds with us in her multi-colored outfit!


Honestly, I am not even a big “gamer”. I just enjoy mindless games that I can zone out on. I told Mark that this game would be perfect for pot heads. There are a ton of cool colors, you can space out as you play and for some reason Pink Floyd plays throughout the entire game (ok I made that last part up).



  1. I got to get one of those. Just found your blog, it’s great

  2. HAHA! I’m glad I was missed. I’ll come up next time – I had to get my law & order/american idol/hells kitchen fix!

  3. I dreamed in “Kart” last night.

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