Monkey Knife Fight

May 1, 2008

Last night I lay in bed with a stomach full of breakfast food. I don’t know if it was the guilt of eating bad, or a hidden ambition deep inside me, but I felt like running. I had the urge to throw on my shorts and tennis shoes and run until my legs couldn’t move. It’s weird how our body sometimes craves pain. It needs to feel helpless and battered because eventually that leads to feeling “in control”.


I kind of feel that way about life in general. It would be boring if everything was fine all the time. It would give me nothing to strive for and nothing to overcome. Above all, it would just be boring.


Anyway, I am moving at the end of May. I will be living with Hoshi and Sean. I am looking forward to hanging with those dudes on a daily basis. I am really excited to have a porch. I know that sounds random, but I can just imagine putting on an Album Leaf 12”, leaving the patio door open, and sitting out there with my packed J.M. Boswell tobacco pipe. That is some relaxing summer activity right there!


What summer activities do you plan on doing in 2008?



  1. very excited for you! Now you will live so close to us and our lives!

  2. you and me baby; vinyl pipe time

  3. i know what you mean about needing control even if that means pain. at least you are making the pain happen and it is something you can control. scary stuff. are you a little sad to not be living downtown anymore? I hope you are prepared for all the crap people will give you for living in the DTC and away from “the city” where “the people in need” are. i am so sick of that.

  4. haha, there are a ton of things I will miss about the city, and honestly I will probably move back at some point. But for now, this is a super healthy/positive thing for me.

  5. woo for running! Did you actually go running? And I think by moving in with the Brage’s it will answer your quest to remove the normalcy, give you stuff to “overcome.” That was a joke if either of you Brages read this. Does this mean you will soon become a regular atendee of Sunday night small group?

  6. possibly…As of right now, I am already at church 3-4 days a week, so that is why I haven’t been going to the small group. I like “me” time every once in a while lol.

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