Music Monday 2.0

May 5, 2008

Okay, this will be a slight variation on my “Music Monday” series. My question is simple: What songs do you enjoy to sing along to on acoustic guitar? I decided that my repertoire is pretty lacking when it comes to songs. I always loved it when Mark would play us a Big Tent Revival song or Chuck Thomas would play an old worship song for us. Here are the songs I am going to learn this week:

Old Crow Medicine Show – Wagon Wheel

Wilco – Jesus, Etc.

Ryan Adams – Oh My Sweet Caroline

Nick Drake – Northern Sky

Smashing Pumpkins – For Sheila

What else would be good to play on those nights when you are sitting around on the patio or in a living room? I might even post a youtube video once I have one of the songs down for you all to see.



  1. I find a lot of time with Damien Rice and Rocky Votolato.

  2. good call, we have had some nice sing a longs to those two writers.

  3. All BTR: Two sets of jones and my ultimate favorite: the best thing

    I really love when mark sings “with or without you” on acoustic.

  4. Agree with Sean: Damien’s got it going on. On a shameful note, had you asked me 12 years ago I would’ve said Jewel. Oh crap! Did I just say that out loud???

  5. remember when jewel released that poetry book, and it had a ton of grammatical errors lol

  6. Lisa Loeb – Stay is my other fav (mark’s too) hehehe

  7. Haha, you just like that lisa loeb song because she is a cat lover. Jk

    I was actually thinking about some more non-standard songs for me that I’d like to cover:

    Tears For Fears – Everybody Wants to Rule the World
    Sinead O’Conner – Black Boys on Mopeds
    Etta James – At Last
    Genesis – No Son of Mine

  8. i really love that you’re a wilco fan.

  9. I want to cover Queen.

  10. oh, and to answer your question, there’s a great bossa nova tune called “how insensitive” that some friends and i used to do in that living room-coffee table type setting.

  11. whic queen song, mel?

    mama t – I love that you love that I love queen. I love bossanova, Joao Gilberto and Stan Getz are just incredible.

  12. mama t- I LOVE the Mike Nesmith cover of that tune. Good call.

    Josh – Pretty much any of their hits. Minus Fat Bottom Girls or Lover Boy. For the obvious reasons.

  13. I am going to send a clip of jimmy gnecco covering bohemiam rhapsody, I think you’d like it!

  14. here is that vid for anyone else that would like it:

    Jimmy Gnecco/Ours – Bohemian Rhapsody (cover)

  15. @Mel

    Fat Bottom Girls is the only Queen song I feel the need to cover. I play it all the time to warm up before chapel on Tuesday mornings.

  16. Dude. Emo cover with mouth warpage!
    it’s a must= http://youtube.com/watch?v=mZ9ZXalCn9M

    or Calendar days by The Rocket Summer
    Or DCtalk…

    Chyeah that’s right.

  17. I agree, fat bottom girls is such a sweet song…

  18. bulls on parade.

  19. haha, I’ll have to work on that, sean

  20. mark also warms up with “eye of the tiger” to get himself pumped up!

  21. I am pretty sure my favorite song to sing along to right now…

    …or anything of Jason Anderson’s album New England.

    Eeek! Can’t wait to see him!

  22. that video is awesome, nathan

  23. Fat Bottom Girls AND Eye of the Tiger? Oh man. Brings a happy tear to my eye.

  24. […] Jason Anderson Filed under: Music — joshmickelson @ 8:52 am Tags: Acoustic, Campfire, Folk, Indie, Indie-Folk, Jason Anderson, Music I don’t really know anything about this guy. Nathan reccomended him to me in Music Monday 2.0 […]

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