May 6, 2008

I would like to take this time to make a public appreciation for my church and the relationships that have cultivated from it. I have made some really lovely friends here that are genuine and kind. Let me give you a little background:


If you would have talked to me about a year and a half ago, I would have been pretty vocal in my dislike for large churches. I had been kind of burned from my previous experience with a church who I felt was a little more interested in numbers over people. I almost got the feeling that this un-named church considered themselves failures for not being in the 500+ range for attendance. I am not going to go off on a tangent about that whole experience, let’s just say it left a bad taste in my mouth. I have gained a lot of reconciliation on the issue and feel at peace about it.


Flash forward, Mark and Judi had already been going to ORCC for a while, and were encouraging me to check it out. I was having trouble finding a place where I felt like I fit in. I hesitantly agreed to make an appearance. I was blown away by everyone’s attitude and demeanor. I remember speaking with Pastor Aaron Ingram after the service and feeling such a warm, non-judgmental vibe from him. From there, I started getting more involved in helping with their youth ministry and the music team. The relationships I have developed have been really meaningful and impactful for me, so I want to thank you all.


Now, the reason for this entry was not to just suck up to my church. I have a feeling that some people that read my blog are in the same place I was. Maybe you are cynical on the church, or so deep into your theological thoughts that you find it hard to engage in a church community. (That’s how I was). I encourage you to be open minded and come to the realization that you don’t need to agree with everything and you don’t need to be like everyone. What you do need is fellowship. We were created that way; we feed off each other and find life in relationships. You can still be emergent and progressive within a corporate environment. As a matter of fact, I would question new theological thoughts that haven’t been refined through conversation with all walks of faith, not simply an incestuous group that is not open to opposing thought. The fact is, there will always be things to disagree with and people are always going to let you down. Let’s rise up and find an identity in Christ that will stand the test of time.



  1. Josh, I was really burned out and hurt by church too. ORCC has helped me heal and realize that you can have great relationships with people at church. Last night was a beautiful example of feeling like I have a great family at church.

  2. Awesome entry, man! I’m glad we’re going to the same church again.

  3. I was just telling Kate how amazed I am of the incredible group of people I get to hang out with! Oober loads of fun, high quality peeps. I’m so blessed.

  4. you are a wonderful addition to our lives! i am blessed by you!!

  5. Yay. I’m glad I go to the same meeting place as you do. I’m thankful that there are so few people who worshipped all things lost and Strike and YAmerica- basically it’s sean and I. But What i’m saying is the people aren’t coming to the church to hear their favorite locals play, but to worship with people who give it their all and love each other.

  6. haha, I think you over-estimate strike. (jk)

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