Bullet Point List for Seanster

May 13, 2008

Thoughts as of late:

  • Watching Halloween last night was fun and makes me excited to live with Hosh and Sean.
  • It’s a lot easier to criticize than it is to make a statement.
  • Unforgiven is a must-see western movie.
  • I am really excited for this week’s Lost episode.
  • Writing music has been a blast lately.
  • I called in sick yesterday just because I felt like it. That was probably bad of me, but oh well.
  • I want a new job. I am grateful for what I have, but don’t feel really stable here.
  • Sunflower Seeds are a must in warm weather.
  • I listened to Alabama all weekend. That’s right, Alabama.
  • Don’t lie to yourself, this picture makes you smile:




  1. well done my friend.

  2. Yeah! All of those things made me smile. Haven’t seen Unforgiven or Air Force One…let’s have a movie day soon.

  3. I agree, I love lazy movie days. Movies are best enjoyed on a Saturday morning when you are half awake. haha.

  4. Our friend loved Unforgiven so much that he named his 1st born son Wyatt. He told us at dinner a couple months ago how his love for this movie will now dictate the future for his son.

    btw- i did smile at that pic.
    are we on for LOST this Thursday???

  5. I should be good to go!

  6. How do you make bullet points? I usually desire to blog in that style but cannot achieve such a formatting punctuational tool yet.

  7. there is an option for bullet points in the tool bar.

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