May 13, 2008

My friends, Nathan and Matthew filled out this Proustian survey. I thought it would be interesting, so I followed suit.

The principle aspect of my personality. To gain/give love and acceptance.

The quality that I desire in a man. Consistency

The quality that I desire in a woman. To be free.

What I appreciate most about my friends. I appreciate that they are all so unique.

My main fault. Insecurity

My favorite occupation. Playing music

My dream of happiness. To be free to dream out loud.

What would be my greatest misfortune? Giving up on God.

What I should like to be. Fiscally responsible, married, etc.

The country where I should like to live. Estonia or Copenhagen

My favorite color. Green

The flower that I like. The ones that smell like the spring.

My favorite prose authors. I am not very well-read, but I’d say Brian McLaren (heretic!!!).

My favorite poets. So far: Gary Snyder.

My heroes in fiction. Gregor Samsa

My favorite heroines in fiction. ???

My favorite composers. Henry Mikolaj Gorecki, currently.

My favorite painters. I have been fascinated by Michelangelo

My heroes in real life. Too many to list.

My heroines in history. My grandmother, Ellen amongst many others.

My favorite names. Batman

What I hate most of all. Complacency.

Historical figures that I despise the most. The ones who caused the greatest pain.

The military event that I admire most. Anytime something small and just stood up against something large and unjust, prevailing.

The reform which I admire the most. I am not sure.

The gift of nature that I would like to have. The ability to naturally be at harmony with myself and my surroundings.

How I want to die. Smiling.

My present state of mind. Frantic

Faults for which I have the most indulgence. Not sure.

My motto. Love.



  1. Dream my friend dream. Copenhagen is in Denmark. Are you sure Batman isn’t also your fav hero? I have to admit, I have no fav poet, in fact no poets at all.

  2. I chose copenhagen because there are a lot of cute girls on bicycles. haha.

  3. Okay, I would rather live in Denmark or Iceland. I take my answer back.

  4. Gorecki, that’s cool. I haven’t met many people who listen to him, but that’s good stuff.

  5. I got it from the “essential listening” thread a while back on hxc. I have been really really into it.

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